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10 places of interest in kuala lumpur

Ha ... Death is not the question that? Do not call yourself a true KL people KL indicated that only address kat IC, or born in KL and IC numbers of the middle of the 14 (now ni, 56) or a dozen years at duk KL aka you grew up in this city.You see, I alone was never finished cover interesting places around KL kat. JE always feel like going all the places of tourist interest in and outside the country. Perhaps the article is not da time (typical Excuse is, right?) Da or may not want to invite friends sekepala streets.Some people say, places like that all primary school kids for JE. But for I, not ... With visits to places like that He loves us to restore the spirit of this blessed country.Here is a list of interesting places around Kuala Lumpur that I've never trail over the life I and I promise, someday, I'll cover it all:
1. The compound of the Istana NegaraYes ... Usually, Jalan Istana tu really crowded and sometimes that, we play and JE National Palace but never want to stop. I never leave the compound of the Istana Negara article is not a chance. Moreover, the heat. Hehehe. But right, if we look at, many people stopped jugak kat situ-amik amik pictures. Mostly foreign tourists. I KL own people did not have to go there. What is interesting is that when there kat situ conversion of the Palace guards. Ha, tu la new best time. Can you see the protocol-the protocol.Get inside the presidential palace? I think I can not. Unless if you can invite. Erm, so, if you can not go, just outside duk kat je lah. Amik ngan picture to the controller, the image amik kat tu the fence, it was already enough for the memories.
2. National Science CentreThis place is I was never a trace. First-down, the first child, I convey science interests are many times I go places with the theme of Science and Planetarium Negara Petrosains kinds. But I never again until the National Science Centre, Bukit Kiara tu kat.Rules, I did not know their own way want to go Bukit Kiara tu, hehehe. Once we are hearing a lot of activities organized by the National Science Center tu. But now it kind of already did not hear anymore. Erm, if I study anymore, I'll make sure to visit the place tu proposal.Je tu buildings look good, right? Architect of design intelligent buildings tu. One of the hallmarks of the Kuala Lumpur. Click here if you want to look at his website.
3. Desa Water ParkHa ... That this close to home je I. Every day I go to work I must pass. If then, sure I will see. I always imagined, a shadow of what is around the theme park tu. Must be best, right?If you want to compare to Sunway Lagoon, is certainly far different. Sunway Lagoon the best, but I already go at some time. But a close ngan ni Umah, I never reach again. If you want to show the body, may be coming is here. But I do not canteek body else. Hihiks.Even want to wash the eyes, might not have some very interesting. I bet that must all come here every weekend is a family and couple-couple who want privacy. Huhuhu. Do not be a place tu as a place for sinners, already. Larisa
4. Eye on MalaysiaLast year, this Attraction officiated by the Prime Minister, Dato 'Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007, in conjunction with the glory of 50 years of independence. I never want to go want the opportunity to Eye on Malaysia.Although the tickets fairly reasonable, but I do not know why I did not der no initiative to take the time to visit the place tu, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Listen, listen, EOM will be moved to Putrajaya. Listen, listen to others pulak, kan dismantle will be reviewed, and the EOM is no longer in Kuala Lumpur or any place in Malaysia.I really want to wait to ride. Although I think Genting Cable Car ride the best articles and winter cold than the normal rose EOM that, but I still try to find time to enjoy the view of Kuala Lumpur from the top of EOM. It seems, though the world is round and round, we will not feel dizzy article he is very slow rotation. Maybe people who have phobias do not have the height to trouble yourself up. Later dizziness / vomiting, constipation pulak, kan?
5. The Twin Tower BridgeFor Sasha, or KJ, as well as friends that I work kat Petronas Twin Towers, these people may not relate very article this bridge. After all, these people ntah-ntah office longer than the bridge position. I was not sure the bridge is located at the level of how tu. Perhaps the level of forty-something.To get free tickets to the bridge want to go then, have to queue up early in the morning kat ticket counter is located one floor down kat KLCC tu. Usually, people go to the level that, just want to Maybank is located quite hidden under tu kat. I never had the opportunity to bridge the ticket want to go tu. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of tourist who would tell these people queue and agent amikkan tu ticket.For the knowledge you all, I never once rose je tu tower. That was not any higher. Level 9 Tower 1 je kat. Even that article I go for Petronas Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU) for the sponsorship settlekan article I learned dedolu. Then, I never ride at tu tower. Just what I know, lifting his crazy speed. In addition to a sky lobby, lift kat situ mainly designated to go to level-specific level only. Ha ... Once I learn to Building Services, so, I really wish that lifts this title.
6. Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory MosqueThank God ... The list of places that I wait to go ni, terselit jugak a place for our personal self-reflection to the Almighty. Because I did not know so kat where the mosque that, I did not ever want to stop by kat mosque to witness the wedding of Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K is.If I'm not mistaken, the new mosque je tu completed. If we look from his design, is impressive. Clever design of the house of God. Bestnya not only the location on the hill he, if not mistaken I. Posted Poor people who walk to worship. Must be tired want to go up the hill tu.Apart from this mosque, Masjid Putrajaya was I never went again. Since this article was the title entry Kuala Lumpur, I need to place the article Putrajaya Mosque is located at the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur instead. Hehehe.So, any takers who want to joint me to pay a visit to this mosque? Jom!
7. Istana BudayaI know where ni kat mana. I know this place jugak prestigious jugak a housemate I know I always leave this place but I never jejakkan foot here. I tried once to get into this place just to attend P. Ramlee Musical but the ticket was sold out and what Could I do just to give it up.My housemate always go where this article he joined the National Choir, and this is where these people practise under Syafinaz. I pulak, non-ado although the desire to get to this place always membuak-passion. I hear the word of the housemate, she says, kat in the Palace of Culture, this class is! It is beautiful and feels kind of ala-ala Broadway, githu. I do not know is he spedo to hapa. Just do I know if it would be interesting to see theater here. Can not watch while eating popcorn? Hehehe.Its location, just near the Jalan Tun Razak. Close ngan Lake Titiwangsa, and if we do then, can seem imposing. But, if we look carefully, the building looks not well maintained. Macam dah je moss. Hehehe. Maintenance is not a very nice coat ... I do not know lah ..
8. National MonumentIf you all ever see the ads during the National Day TV3, la, a bunch of flowers Sandara park kat National Monument, though ... and ... New Straits Times Classifieds article Mat Salleh asked the tu kat National Monument, the monument must be remembered this article. If I'm not mistaken, there are seven national heroes are frozen. Githu. No la, that the monumentkan. Although this place has become leader of controversy article seems to serve this monument, but it still stands strong and most of the sculptures retain tu durian.Seriously, I have never been to this place kat. I have never seen the front of this monument I. I never even want to read what is written in the memorial site Posted wall.One day, I'm going there jugak. Although a nurse-a nurse, I still want to go jugak. But, who is the image I want amikkan National Monument posing kat tu? Erm, not perlah, will be invited Izzu. He really liked gi places like this. Izzu kan kan? Hihiks. Dedolu remember, the days of the University together first. Izzu ngan I could ride motorcycles to go the National Zoo. Visit his family. Hahaha
9. The Orchid GardenThis place, I swear it did not know where it is. Amik never want to know, and I never saw any kat idea this place. I like to see-saw of interest. Soothe the soul and heart. Thank you very ntah, kat site ni, can not hold the flowers tu. Maybe you can see je kot.If I leave here, I instead want to learn how to better cultivation of orchids or want to learn how to want to plant orchids. I do not want to do all of the power tu. I just want to see the beautiful scenery and unique orchids. That's it. Best, right?Nunga this orchid have all sorts of color. Sure tu colorful place filled with orchids, fresh and charming people. Hehehe. It is more romantic if you go to parks like this with a lover. Sure lentok got caught. If I, I want to leave this place alone-alone article je der sapa not sure that I want to invite kat streets here, Giler to hapa? Hahaha
10. Aquaria, KL Convention CentreOh, that this is close to the workplace Izzu. Every Friday, Izzu sure will have a chapter here and want to gather I skali ngan kat KLCC. I pulak, tu place that will last from KLCC to Bukit Bintang want to walk. If not mistaken, Sha, Zal, KJ ngan I had lunch in KL Convention Centre tu. But I do not want to go is up to tu no Aquaria.Some people said, the best Langkawi Underwater World of Aquaria. Well, I already went to kat Langkawi have, so, later I want to try here lah pulak. Listen, listen, to staff discount. Must befriend ngan Katong, Sha and KJ. Right? Hehehe.Look at the entrance he was kind of interesting. Wait, that one day I'm going jugak itew see aquatic life.
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