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7 Ways to Achieve Orgasm

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ORGASM, difficult to understand but have great pleasure power. Wanted but in fact can not be achieved all women. So close, but also so far. So, how to make orgasm to be possible for you?
The key, lies in yourself. Achieve orgasm simply remove two major barriers, namely confusion and stress to find the clitoris.
To make friends with your clitoris, the following trick, as reviewed Sheknows:
1.Self stimulation
You may often hear this suggestion, but if you can not get myself to a climax, how can you expect the couple to do? Like asking someone for a treasure hunt without a map.
That is, you must be comfortable with yourself, and masturbating. When doing so, not enough for you to just reach orgasm. But, you need to identify the process so that you can, in detail, explained to the couple how happy stimulated at point A, point B, and so on.
You already know the route to the treasure, now you have to trust yourself tell the couples where the gold lies. Suffice it to say "down", "upward," "stronger" or "left", and so on as a referral for couples.
You have to be really specific about the spot, speed, and maximum pressure so that it can provide stimulation to your clitoris. Or, consider self-stimulation while the penetrating partner.
3.Breast stimulation
While the pair penetration, you can enjoy the action caressing your breast. Your breast-no matter the size-is a network with many erotic nerve that created the zone. Furthermore, stimulation of the nipple also resulted in an extra release of oxytocin, "the hormone of love" that will enhance your orgasm.
Meanwhile, to reduce stress bully pleasure of orgasm, the following trick:
Relaxation is the key. Unlike men who have sex and reaching orgasm anywhere, anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances, easily aroused women differently.
If you are not relaxed and despite the pressure, the possibility to achieve orgasm will significantly decrease. Therefore, find out what you can soothe your heart, such as aromatherapy candles, bath of warm water, or breathing deeply. Then, commit to be in the zone are relaxed before trying to reach orgasm is coveted.
5.Create your orgasm environment
You need a space to bring sensuality within themselves. Experiment with different kinds of music, lighting, or video as the background during lovemaking. Create an atmosphere that makes you comfortable.
6.Time out
Often, the woman was unsure whether to let the couple reached a climax earlier or he himself is trying to do it with manual stimulation of the pair. Before that, you need ketahuai fact, that men on average take 5-10 minutes to climax, while the average woman takes 15-20 minutes. So guys, be patient to wait while your spouse is ready to climax.
7.Remove it!
Sex is meant as a natural fabric between the two energies. If you only concentrate on the possibility of orgasm, the body will actually fight climax. As a result, production of lubricants may be a bit, so that goal difficult to achieve orgasm. So, lie down, then let your mind and relax your body to feel the orgasm.(FTR)
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