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DeadSquaD Indonesian Death Metal

What makes this band interesting and become the strongest appeal lies in the existence of the bearer in it. Deadsquad is a technical death metal band that contains a set of names that already have a place in country music event. Whether in the realm of mainstream music and underground music in the zone. Stevie Item is also still listed as a member Andra & The Backbone and Christopher Bolemeyer known as Neutral Throckmorton, both occupy a position as guitarist. Then there ex-Skull Bonsquad on bass. Adrian Gorust ex-Torture in Bury on drums and Daniel's ex-Abolish Conception on vocals.
Previously a series of names has also been strengthened Deadsquad formation. As Ricky Siahaan which is now listed still as a Step Forward personnel and grin. Then Prisa, ex-Zala who is now also formed a new band called Vendetta. Also Babal ex-Alexander who is now his position is occupied by Daniel.
Strength of the sensation of a row of names is what ultimately makes a supergroup Deadsquad lively discussion. Because expected to give something pretty to slap with a landslide, especially in scenes of extreme metal music.
Horror Vision is the first successful launch manifest Deadsquad. Records released by Rottrevore Indonesia. Launching his own has been performed in concert as "Lamb of God: Wrath Tour 2009" on March 9, yesterday, where Deadsquad be the only opening band. Contains eight pieces of technical material is quite massive. One of his tracks is a cover version of the material legendary death metal band Sepultura, Arise.
My expectations may be a bit too high. Because when after listening to the whole matter can not find something totally new. Everything is still in the corridor of death metal technical standards that are often performed by bands like the previous. Perhaps the approach of old-school style metal trying to do by them. But if only exploration can be sharpened in terms of character, without having to leave the old-school style that they have adopted may be able to sound more fresh.
But if you are looking for is of a more technical side, such as a neat composition and typical elements of the music of extreme technical metal, it can be satisfied in this album. Simply destroy the head if you want to feel the sensation brutalistik of harmony and beauty blend aggressiveness structured rhythms blasting from the overall material.
The first material, "Dead Troops" was opened by a majestic orchestration intro. Reminds me of the styles that are often carried out by atmospheric orchestral melodic black metal band, Dimmu Borgir. Then followed by other materials that make the ears fairly dragged into a sophisticated structure. Closed by the outro which becomes a gripping nuanced sweet solvers at the end of the material.
Writing the lyrics is pretty good. Especially those packaged in the format of the Indonesian language. The game metaphor is quite catchy diction combined with the composition of the fishing-diction to think. Typical themes and social criticism gloom of life can be strung together beautifully in a solid enough song material. From a technical standpoint, maybe if the vocals a little more could be put in front of the beauty of the blend layer of these words would be more ternikmati and delivered.
Is final as early onslaught. Hopefully explorations that beat up on the matter after that will increase the strength of character of Deadsquad.
Text: Adit Bujbunen Al Buse
Deadsquad are:
Stevie Morley Item - GuitarsBonny Sidhartha - BassDaniel Mardhani - VocalsAndyan Gorust - DrumsThrockmorton Bollemeyer - Guitars
Track List:1. Troops Dead2. Dimensions of Alienation3. Domination Dagger4. Hyperbola monotheistic dogma5. Sermon Of Deception6. Replication Manufacturing Baptists7. Arise (Sepultura Cover Song)8. Horror Vision
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