Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big Bang get scathing criticism from netizens japan

Korean group, the Big Bang, after receiving a best newcomer award from the 51st Japan Record Award for their,,, not happy to receive comments from netizens Japan. Netizens protest because the record sales of debut single "Big Bang" in Japan is still far less than other new arrivals.
there are 31, Blog Japan, Wild Yaenung Show and 2CH flooded with comments for the Big Bang attack. Award given by the Association songwriter in Japan, making the Big Bang wins and beat newcomer from Japan itself like Hilchryme, Maya Sakura, SCANDAL and so forth.
Netizen Big Bang attack, saying Hill Chryme album sales was 108 thousand pieces, which exceeds the Big Bang is only selling 41 thousand pieces, so why the Big Bang that won? Netizen also said- 'Group' boy band that I do not ever hear this and not anything I've seen it can win the Best Newcomer by the judging is not fair '.- Sales of the album is important, so use what criteria so that they can win?
Big Bang's debut in Japan in June 2009 with 'My Heaven', the reason why sales are low because the single was released in Japan late this year.
There is also news that Daesung & T. OP will make a solo album ...
After leadernya BigBang G-Dragon a distinguished success with his first solo album, Heartbreaker and Taeyang who also reap success and SeungRi, now turn to TOP and Daesung oppa who going solo debut ... And it's not any longer going to be achieved, because this year, 2010, President YG Ent., Yang Hyun Seok was told by Money Today Star News would be solo activities both with the music which they really ... ..
Meanwhile, the Big Bang first going to concentrate its activities in the first 6 months of 2010 in Japan.
To Daesung oppa, just starting his solo kegiaan if Taeyang oppa activities already completed. While TOP Oppa going to start its work, after Daesung oppa completed its activities. Well, for the TOP going ngerilis mini-album or a digital single of his, as well as Seungri Oppa ... kt'y ni Daesung oppa, entrusted the selection of a distinguished author of the song fit color ama music Oppa honored by YG. * Wuiih keren2 *
source:, allkpoptranslated by [info] hypocritical
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